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(Updated on 27.03.2014)



1- Enka/Lukoil Irak-  West Qurna Natural Gas Cycle Deminerilisation Plant Automation

2- Zorlu Enerji  Meta Nikel Gördes Plant- Desenilasyon Project

3- Çanakkale Municipality – Waste Water Treatment and Pumping Station

4- Samsun Municipality – Waste Water Treatment Inlet Structure Automation

5- Atlas Enerji Power Plant-Deminerilisation Plant Automation

6- Eti Maden (Mining) Boraks  Plant – Pneumatic Conveying Plant

7- Eti Maden (Mining)  Değirmenözü – Warehouse and Packaging Plant



1-    Bodrum-Milas Airport -Waste  Water Treatment Plant Turnkey

2-   Adıyaman Samsat -Drinking Water Supply and Treament Plant Turnkey

3-   Özkan Iron Still Mill -Relay Motor Unit Automation

4-   Saadet Gıda -Anaaerobic Waste Water Plant Turnkey

5-   Bekaert Fan Motors Frequency Converters Automation

6-   Eti Maden (Mining) Continous Reactor and Crystallization Unit Automation

7-   Erdemir Ereğli -Coke Oven Battery Automation

8-   İzmir Water and Severage Administration– Drinking Water Pump Station Automation

9-   Turkish Petroleum Co.- West Kozluca Production Site Automation

10- Eldorado Gold Tüprag Gold Mine Efemçukuru Premise- Waste Water Treatment

11- Eti Maden (Mining) Glassy Boron Oxide Production Plant Turnkey

12- Tüpraş (Turkish Petroleum Refineries Co.) İzmir Refinery -Lighting Automation

13- Pepsi Co Water Preperation Unit Automation

14- Efes Pilsen Production Line Conveyor Programming

15- Tüprag Gold Mine Kışladağ Plant –Leach Pump Station Automation

16- İzmit Water and Sewerage Kandıra – Drinking Water Treatment Plant Turnkey

17- Ege Çelik(Steel)- Havuzlar Scada System Project

18- Irak Bismayah City  – Water Supply,Drinking Water and Waste Water Tratment Plant Automation

19- Antalya Industrial Zone – Pump Station and Storage Level Control Automation

20- Adana Hacı Ömer Sabancı Industrial Zone– Waste Water Treatment Plant (turnkey)

21- Tokat Turhal  Sugar Factory 180 Ton Boiler Automation

22- Datça Waste Water Treatment Project

23- Batıçim -315kw Fan Motor Frequency Converter Panel

24- İzmir Water and Severage Administration- Menemen Pump Station 355kw Pump Motor  Frequency Converter Panel

25- Bionorm Pharmaceutical – Carcinogenic Active Material Production Reactor Automation

26- İzenerji  Power Plant Cooling Towers- Instrumentation and Controsl System Cabling

27- Işık Teknoloji – Azerbaidjan Baku  Jazz Club Water Hardness Automation

28- Konya Industrial Zone– Potable Water Preparation Plant